Writer's Published Books

Three Books I Have Written. You'll love! Available on Amazon. Fantastic for readers and writers.


The following are three of my published books.  Topics range from my biography, to music, to poetry, to motivational. All three titles are on Amazon.  OR,  just click on the links, below!

One: Thirty-Eight Poems by JS Jones

This is a book I wrote in Seattle, last fall. It's a collection of poetry dealing with beauty, pain, and the power to overcome. 



Two: The Day I Took My Own Life

This is one I wrote about my experience with teenage depression and how I made my way out of it. Great reading! Offers hope & love. 

Three: A Little 'Bout a Lotta, eBook

Life is full of endless directions and possibilities. Often, we are taught that the only true value is to master one thing and then hold onto it. In this book, however, I present the idea that learning and becoming a student is the true form of any mastery. As one Zen proverb states, without an empty cup, we can never become full. 

Little 'Bout a Lotta, PaperBack

As a young guy, I got lost. There were so many things I could learn. They all sounded fascinating, but which to spend time on, to me, was a mystery. In my book, I explore the benefits of learning something in every possible situation. There is no summit to learning. The only destination is a love and involvement in the process of being a learner.