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I'm a Writer, Photographer, Traveler & School Teacher. Building a community for creativity. 

Please enjoy my site! 

About Me

Waterfall picture taken in the Rocky Mountains of Montana.

My Goal

I am an energetic, yet laid-back freelance writer, photographer, hiker, and English teacher. I am also a self-published author, including prose and poetry. I love nature, backpacking, hiking, adventure, and all writings regarding each. Check out my work in the Published Books section of this site!

Picture taken at Georgetown Lake in Western Montana. Mecca for local fly fishermen!

My Vision

To use my passion for books, writing & decades of experience as a writer and teacher to help promote the craft.  Also, to encourage the creative arts as a means for healthy self-expression.

Picture taken from a helicopter at Lake MacDonald in Glacier National Park.

My Welcome

Welcome, fellow artists and writers! Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and join the practice of writing and creativity. It is my love and honor to have you here. 

JS Jones Writer