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About Me

Waterfall picture taken in the Rocky Mountains of Montana.

My Goal

My name is JS Jones & I am a licensed English teacher, creative writer & life-adventurer. In this site, I use creative writing and the love of learning for happiness, helping people, general well-being, and treasuring our time. To become disheartened is as easy as turning on the five o’clock news. To become empowered is as simple as picking up the proverbial pen & discovering who you truly are and can become. 

You can find out more about me and my story of life in the YouTube video link, below.

Picture taken at Georgetown Lake in Western Montana. Mecca for local fly fishermen!

My Vision

To use my passion for books, writing & decades of experience as a writer and teacher to help promote the craft.  Also, to encourage the creative arts as a means for healthy self-expression. 

Picture taken from a helicopter at Lake MacDonald in Glacier National Park.

My Welcome

Thank you truly and sincerely for visiting my site! It is my greatest, highest, and utmost pleasure to have you here. I hope that you can grow as a writer, adventurer, & journey-person. See the value you can gain from gleaning all that surrounds you. Mostly, begin to realize that life, music, and people you can touch are of infinite importance. 

My Story of life

During August of 2003, I decided to make a permanent solution to a temporary problem and take my own life. Minutes later, my family found me on the side of an interstate deep in a coma, gasping for breath. The last sixteen years have been a battle for every step. It's been well worth it, however, with the people I've gotten to meet and barriers I've seen broken both in myself and in others. 

Life is a gift. 

You are a gift to everyone you meet!! 

New Ebook $2.99

Picture of the front cover of my new eBook

About My New eBook (Note eBook and Paperback are the Same Book)

 In my latest eBook, I share my philosophy of how to live a good life. Through childhood and into adulthood, I felt lost without clear direction, stepping on as many paths as I possibly could. It was only in realizing, however, that my wide explorations through many different topics would have their own payoff as I grew up and found meaning. Sound suggestions...Excellent read!!

new paperback--$4.99!


About My New Paperback (Same book as eBook)

As a young guy, I got lost. There were so many things I could learn. They all sounded fascinating, but which to spend time on, to me, was a mystery. In my book, I explore the benefits of learning something in every possible situation. There is no summit to learning. The only destination is a love and involvement in the process of being a learner. 


JS Jones Writer